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Bach M (1996) The “Freiburg Visual Acuity Test” – Automatic measurement of visual acuity.

You can run the tests below within your browser (for security, “result→clipboard” is then disabled) or download as a stand-alone program.For ‘real’ scientific applications choose 8/30, or, better, repeat each condition (e.g.each eye at 18 trials, ideally in an ABBA scheme) and take the mean. Because every 6th trial is a “bonus trial”, where the optotype is presented at 3 times its current threshold estimate. Rather than change the settings each time (with the danger to forget something), be informed that the SETTINGS state is stored per Fr ACT file.Also ponder about every entry in the SETTINGS interface and set them appropriately; the defaults can not be optimal for every situation.

The Checklist is a must-read, in the “Fr ACT3_Manual.pdf” all settings are explained in more detail than you probably wished…Response keys: For 4 directions (tumbling E or Landolt set to “4 choices” in. Your feedback is welcome and has frequently lead to improvements and extensions.