Dating depressed women

16-Jun-2017 04:35

In the experience of loneliness, the person does not feel closely bonded to others and usually does not feel loved.

Loneliness can enter at one stage of life and become encapsulated with anger toward those who have not met one's needs.

In our view, God could have gone on at length in Genesis describing the many negative emotional, behavioral, cognitive, medical and spiritual difficulties caused by being alone.

It is not resolved until uncovered and addressed and the memory "purified." Since loneliness is so painful and so difficult to face and address, many individuals deny its presence from their family background, from important significant relationships or from their marriage.Unless loneliness is identified and addressed, the sadness it causes can lead people to make many decisions, which are harmful to them, to their marriage and to their family life.This pain can lead one wrongly to blame their spouse for their unhappiness and decide to leave their commitment.This denial is accomplished primarily through the action of the intellect.

However, this defensive action does not last indefinitely and often difficulties develop in one's emotional life or behaviors because of the power of this loneliness.The major factors here are pride or the lack of humility for personal issues and the fear of the marriage becoming worse, the fear of the spouse's anger, a lack of confidence and unresolved childhood fears for the marital issues.