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Wonderful things happen when the work for the liberation of African People is front and center! are attempting to frighten or seduce black people to accept the idea that the security, well-being and happiness of African people should be determined by the Democratic and Republican parties of Bernie Sanders, Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump!The weekend of March 4th-6th, 2016 was an impactful one for the Southeast Region and the All African People ' s Development and Empowerment Project (AAPDEP)! Full Story It has been almost two years since the colonial government of Flint, Michigan switched Flint ' ' ' s water source to the Flint River, providing its residents with lead, bacteria and chemical-filled water.A Doctor of Audiology degree from ATSU-ASHS is more than just a credential.Graduates join a history of healthcare innovation and a focus on whole person healthcare dating back more than 120 years. Still’s founding mission and values of whole person healthcare underscore the University’s commitment to higher professional standards, passion for learning, and dedication to making a positive impact on healthcare service today by meeting unmet community health needs.The Post-Professional Doctor of Audiology program offers two admission cycles with new cohorts of students beginning every July and January.Online classes encompassing the scope of practice of audiology and relevant professional and business topics are taught by world-class faculty.Course descriptions, course duration’s and related information are subject to change. Still University, you're not only supporting whole person healthcare education, you're also helping deliver it to where the care is needed most. Combining leading-edge whole person healthcare with a commitment to serving those communities where needs are greatest, we provide students the opportunity to truly excel as doctors, dentists, healthcare providers and healthcare leaders. Post-Professional Doctor of Audiology program curriculum guide (pdf) Community Health Center Waianae, Hawaii As a leading provider of quality healthcare for area residents, Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center also provides community employment and health education. Through our legacy program, we send students to underserved communities nationwide and conduct healthcare clinics at the university on occasion. Whole person healthcare takes an integrated approach that addresses body, mind and spirit as one.

We have stopped accepting applications to our current online program as of June 30, 2016. This program design offers the most personally relevant and rewarding route for current practitioners to pursue the Au D degree, making a difference in their future, the future of their patients, and the future of the profession of audiology.

Computer literacy and experience in word processing and Internet use. Three references from audiologists or healthcare professionals familiar with the applicant’s clinical and professional experience. For additional information contact the Department of Audiology at 480.219.6124 or Teri Rorie at [email protected] All coursework taken at the foreign institution must be evaluated for American institution equivalence by one of the following services: These exceptional courses in the doctor of audiology curriculum will provide students with the advanced knowledge, skills, insights and techniques consistent with what makes A. Still University a preeminent learning-centered institution. Please note that each student has a tailored curriculum plan so students do not take every course listed below.

Letters of reference must be submitted for each application year. Applicants who have graduated from a foreign college or university must submit acceptable evidence of U. Each course is ten or four weeks in length (indicated in parentheses following the description).

More than 80% of the staff are local residents, and many were trained at the affiliated Waianae Health Academy. From public health centers located in communities where services are needed most, to research and other leading edge whole person healthcare initiatives, you can create your own legacy by contributing to the specific cause that moves you most. Students are encouraged to participate in wellness programs and study areas including nutrition and psychology to gain a more comprehensive understanding. Keep up with the latest developments in whole person healthcare at A. Still University with our complimentary newsletter and other publications.

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From scholarly inquiry and research to alumni activities and more.

The new format will provide an asynchronous education model delivered by an interdisciplinary team of faculty and support staff to fulfill degree requirements allowing students some flexibility in course choices and pace of learning.