Online dating typos

13-Nov-2017 01:16

If you’re struggling to find photos that do you justice, it might be worth investing in a professional photoshoot with a company like Hey Saturday, who specialise in photographing singles for dating profiles.Before hitting ‘publish’, it’s worth running your dating profile past someone you trust – whether that be your mum, a close friend or your office bestie.Singles – do you complain about your lack of matches on dating apps?Or find it’s always the ones you’re not that fussed about who end up messaging you?While it’s more than fine to mention your best personality traits – from your sense of humour to your intelligence – try not to be boring, or lead people to expect your next line to focus on your impeccable organisation skills.And under no circumstances should your profile mention your ex. As mortifying as it can feel – summing yourself up in a few sentences to strangers – being vague, leaving chunks of your profile blank or linking to your Instagram instead of writing anything won’t make you seem mysterious and alluring in the online dating world.

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And above all else, don’t include photos of you posing with your ex on your dating profile – sure, you know the relationship is now dead and gone, but a happy photo of you with your arms wrapped round someone else is a confusing message to send potential suitors.

According to dating guru Nadia, swiping left on the first picture is one of the biggest mistakes singles make on dating apps.

“Just because someone’s display picture doesn’t take your fancy, doesn’t mean they’re a total write off,” she says.

You didn’t wait for that great job to come knocking on your door, or your holiday with the girls to organise itself, so why take a back seat in your love life?

It’s the 21st century – regardless of how successful you are or what gets your out of bed in the morning, be confident when you feel a spark and ask them on a date.Whether it’s your overly flowery bio or blurry group photos to blame, your online dating presence could be easily remedied if you follow these seven simple steps…

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