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Suicide (1897) is known as one of the groundbreaking books in the sociology field.

Durkheim’s Suicide was a case study of suicide rates.

Lumberton people do not greet each other or speak; however, Colby has a lot of polite people. Finally, Lumberton is a bigger city with more to do than Colby.

Lumberton defiantly has more restaurants and gas stations.

Durkheim was born into a strict line of French Jews, but at an early age he decided to go a different route and turned away from all religious involvement and became an agnostic.Durkheim established that suicide rates were higher in men than women, single people have higher rates than those who are married, and rates for people without children were also higher than those that have children.

The earliest editions were more extensive: they included Latin translations of the entry, in some cases gave usage examples (especially in popular phrases), and summarized the word's etymology; contemporary editions do so concisely.… continue reading »

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