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05-Jun-2017 04:21

’ How much truth are you willing to put in there, and I don’t mean only the good things about you but some of your flaws too? This is something you should deeply think about before you upload a photo to your favourite dating site (app) on the internet.

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Men like a challenge and throwing in a witty reply every now and then keep them interested.

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So, how much truth are you willing to put in your profile?

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Do you even have the words to put in there, because as bizarre as it might sound, there are lots of people who can describe anything like their dress or gadget in great detail but can’t seem to do the same when you ask them, ‘Tell me about yourself, who you are, what you want and what you value most? It means that most guys want a woman that takes care of herself and at least attempts to live a healthy lifestyle by exercising more eating healthier.